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T.A.L.K. In the Community!
Since the launch of its T.A.L.K., Treat All Listeners Kindly, positive communication campaign, LYAC has been busy. 

They first held a community workshop, with a Bates College associate professor facilitating, to stress respectful communication. 

Next, they held an art contest for area students and subsequently visited Martel School to interact with the students about T.A.L.K. 

Then, they met with a representative of the Downtown Lewiston Art District, Sheri Withers, to discuss ways to artistically get the T.A.L.K. message out into the community; as a result, LYAC will participate on the topic at the next Art Walk LA--Sidewalk Art & Info Booth!

T.A.L.K. Workshop

T.A.L.K. Workshop IntroT.A.L.K. Facilitator Talking

Celebrating Martel School's T.A.L.K. Artwork/Signing Banner

LYAC at Martel Celebrating T.A.L.K. CampaignLYAC Showing Martel Artwork

Planning for Promoting T.A.L.K. Artistically - Met with Sheri Withers of the Downtown Lewiston Art District

In Discussion About T.A.L.K. ArtworkLYAC With Sheri Withers

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