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Lewiston Youth Advisory Council
The LewiLogoston Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) was established by the Lewiston City Council in 2001, with the Charter membership first meeting in September 2002.
Since then, members have worked closely with municipal staff, state/local officials, and members of the community on various initiatives that have been very positive for the City of Lewiston.

On July 20, 2016, the 2016-2017 membership was announced during the evening's City Council meeting. To contact the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council, please call (207) 513-000, X3205.

    Youth Council       
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                                  Voices of Youth Supporting Lewiston!
                                                     Lewiston is Lookin' Good!
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                 For LYAC background and former projects:  2002 - 2016 Accomplishments

       2016-2017 LYAC Membership 
Jazy Dumas, Chair
Deni Federico, Vice Chair
Khafiya Dualeh, Secretary
Courtney Caouette, Treasurer
Carolyn Adams
Clare Kramer
Emma Williams
                                         Maggie Elwell                   

 Youth Council Mission
"The LYAC shall serve as an advisory council to the Lewiston City Council in regards to community issues affecting youth and shall serve as a liaison between the youth of the community and the City. The LYAC shall enable youth to work toward goals that empower all of the community's youth and to undertake service projects that enhance the community." 
Dottie Perham-Whittier, Community Relations Coordinator

City Councilor Liaison
Councilor Isobel Golden


27 Pine Street
Lewiston, ME 04240
Ph: (207) 513-3000
TTY/TDD: (207) 513-3007
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