Public Health

Lewiston Area Public Health Committee (LAHPC)

The Lewiston Area Public Health Committee (LAPHC) was formed on June 7, 2016, by the Lewiston City Council. The LAPHC is a public health advisory board to the municipal elected officials on policy issues and works collaboratively with other municipal committees and community partners on issues related to public health.

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention "Public Health Updates"

Ronnie Paradis, Chair
Erin Guay, Vice Chair
Kristen Cloutier, Lewiston City Council President
Kristine Kittridge
Lynsay Henry
Elizabeth Keene
Kahin Adam
Abdulkerim Said

Staff Support
Denis D'Auteuil
Deputy City Administrator
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Dottie Perham-Whittier
Community Relations Coordinator
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"In Times of Need" Helpful Links

Always Call 9-1-1 In Time of Emergency

Various Hotlines

Healthy Androscoggin

Suicide Prevention Hotlines and Crisis

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services

Domestic Violence - Safe Voices

Child Abuse Reporting

Adult Protective Services

Tri-County Mental Health

Fuel Assistance & Other Family Services

Healthy Androscoggin

Lead Poisoning Prevention


St. Mary's Regional Medical Center

Central Maine Medical Center