EAP Program

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM             1-800-647-9151
Provided in collaboration with MMEHT and Anthem


An EAP is information, support, and referral services that help you deal with life's many challenges.
The EAP is a City sponsored program offering no cost confidential services to City Employees and their household members.
EAP representative are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to give employees and their families the help they need.

The EAP provides counseling to help with:
Relationship or family problems
Alcohol or drug abuse
Grief counseling
Depression or anxiety
Stress management
Crisis counseling
Work issues
The EAP also helps you with:
Child care and Elder care needs
Adoption, pregnancy, infertility
Child care and backup care
Resources for children with special needs
Elder care housing options
Successful aging
Adjusting to retirement
Adult day care


The EAP can help with:
Financial matters
College funding and student loans
Legal and mediation issues
Civil or consumer issues
Estate law
Personal injury
Know more about your EAP:
EAP Documentation
CALL: 1-800-647-9151
EAP web link: www.anthemEAP.com
Please contact HR for login information to access the EAP portal