Fleet Management & Fueling Information

Fleet Management Information Systems

The Municipal Garage uses FuelForce Fuel Management Systems, by Multiforce Systems Corporation, to monitor our inventory and billing of ultra-low sulfur diesel and unleaded gasoline supplies.

RTA software is used to manage work orders, inventory of supplies for equipment and vehicles including, but not limited to, tires and parts, as well as billing to outside departments and agencies. The system is designed to help the division's administration gain centralized control over fleet expenses and charges to its customers. RTA also provides data on the major cost-drivers in a fleet maintenance operation, such as equipment and maintenance costs, personnel performance, and material/parts usage. More specifically, RTA tracks all maintenance performed on a piece of equipment and manages repair orders. It tracks fuel, oil, and tire usage and offers reports on equipment utilization/performance to identify poor performance.

Tracking Vehicle Fueling

Currently the Municipal Garage manages ultra-low sulfur diesel and unleaded gasoline supplies using FuelForce Fuel Management Systems to control self-serve pumps, which are located (4) at the Public Works Service Yard (103 Adams Avenue) and (1) at the Operations Center (195 River Road).

The system utilizes keys, which must be activated by assigned Municipal Garage staff to control the dispensing of fuel in order to capture the number of gallons dispensed and odometer information for each vehicle. The keys are set up by vehicle rather than by user. Fuel consumption data is reported through the FuelForce Fuel Management System and is utilized by the Municipal Garage Division in order to bill its customers and maintain vehicle histories. Fueling services are provided to the Lewiston Public Schools, Lewiston Housing Authority, Senior’s Plus, Lewiston/Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority (LAWPCA), Androscoggin Housing Authority, Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department, Hudson Bus Lines Inc., and other City of Lewiston departments.

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For additional information about the Municipal Garage's fleet management or fueling practices, please contact us at 207-513-3003.