Electrical Services Division

Responsibilities and Services

The Electrical Division is tasked with three major objectives:

  • To operate and maintain the city’s potable water and wastewater pump stations and associated water storage reservoirs
  • To operate and maintain the city’s street lighting network
  • To operate and maintain the city’s traffic signal network

About the Street Lighting System

The street lighting system consists of approximately 3,000 street lights of various types and sizes including high-pressure sodium, metal halide, and LED lights. The average life span of a lamp (light bulb) is approximately 21,000 hours or 4.9 years. The division replaces an average of 500 burnt lamps every year. Lamps are replaced every week on Fridays.

The public can report a defective street light by submitting it through our REPORT A CONCERN page or calling our Dispatch Center, Monday through Friday, at 207-513-3003, ext. 3450. When submitting a request, please be sure to give us as much information as possible (street name and number / pole number) so we may respond to your request as promptly as possible.

Overseeing the City's Water Supply

The Electrical Services Division also operates and maintains a jointly owned combination ultra-violet and chemical injection facility with the Auburn Water District for the treatment and disinfection of the Lewiston / Auburn water supply. In addition, the division is responsible for the city's:

  • 14 wastewater pumping stations of various capacities
  • Two potable water pump stations capable of supplying up to 10 million gallons of water a day
  • Two water storage sites, with a total of four concrete storage tanks that have a capacity of 14.3 million gallons of potable water or about three days supply for the city

Maintaining the City's Traffic Signals

Along with street lighting and water / sewer facilities, the Electrical Services Division maintains the city’s network of traffic signals with 48 fully actuated and 15 blinking intersections.