Lewiston's Muncipal Parking Garages

About the City of Lewiston's Municipal Public Parking Program:

  • The City of Lewiston Municipal Public Parking Program is administered by the City's Accounting Division.
  • The Accounting Division is located in City Hall, 27 Pine Street, Lewiston, on the 2nd Floor
  • The Accounting Division's hours of operation are Monday through Friday (except federal holidays) from 8:30 AM to 4 PM.

Click here to read about the Parking Garage Rules.

Municipal Parking Garage Locations:

Centreville Garage
Access Height: 6'11"
Chestnut Street Garage
Map: 29 Chestnut Street
Access Height: 6'7"
Lincoln Street Garage
Map: 16 Lincoln Street
Access Height: 7'
Oak Street Garage
Map: 1 Oak Street Garage
Access Height: 7'
Southern Gateway
Map: 425 Lisbon Street
Access Height: 7'

Municipal Parking Garage Fees: All locations

Hourly Rate: 
$1 per hour; daily max of $6
Parking Pass:
$55 monthly
Downtown Resident
Parking Pass: 
$42 monthly
Under 1 Hour:
Weekdays (6 PM to 6 AM)

Fridays at 6 PM to Mondays at 6 AM:

Click here to learn more about the City's Parking Fee Policy.

Municipal Parking Garage Fees: Payment

  • There are two ways to pay: use your Parking Pass or take a parking ticket.
  • All garages only accept credit cards. Cash is not accepted.
  • There are two kinds of Parking Passes available to purchase: Individual or Business.
  • There is a Downtown Small Business Parking Fee Discount Program for employers with less than 50 employees. Click here to learn about the Downtown Small Business Parking Discount Program.

Parking Pass Information:

Two Ways to Enter The Parking Garages: 

1) Place your Parking Pass on the Parking Pass Reader located on the lower left. The Parking Arm will raise.
2) Take a Parking Ticket by pressing the yellow flashing button. After ticket emerges, arm will lift.


Need immediate help? Press button under the PHONE symbol to the right.

Four Ways To Exit Garages: 

1) Use your Monthly Parking Pass. Lay it on the Monthly Parking Pass Reader. (Below circled in blue.) No sound will play; the Parking Arm will raise.2) Place your Credit Card into the Credit Card Reader. The screen will show the amount. No sound will play; the Parking Arm will raise.3) Lay your Credit Card on the Credit Card Reader located on the lower right of the Parking Device. (It says Windcave.) The screen will show the amount. No sound will play; the Parking Arm will raise.4) Walk up to the Parking Payment Kiosk near the exit to pay. Insert your unpaid ticket into the top slot under the screen. Follow payment prompts. Keep your paid Parking Ticket with you when you exit the garage. 
Parking Garage Exit Parking Pass Card Reader Tray

Need immediate help? Press button under the PHONE symbol to the right.