Mayoral Ad Hoc Shelter Committee


Committee's Concluding Statement - 9-26-22

FINAL Shelter Committee Report

At a March 18, 2022, press conference, Mayor Carl L. Sheline announced the creation of a Mayoral Ad hoc Shelter Committee and its two co-chairs, Craig Saddlemire and Amy Smith. Councilor Scott Harriman and other committee members stood at the podium with the Mayor.  The Mayoral Order can be viewed at:

Mayor Sheline noted, "People experiencing homelessness are not our enemy. We can't act like homelessness isn't an issue here.  We can't act like we have the services we need, not when families are sleeping outside, not when our veterans are carrying all they own on their backs, not when kids are sleeping in cars and then are expected to learn at school the next day. We don't have the time and resources to waste on useless measures that won't get us any further toward solving the problems we face. We need to act now."   

Mayoral Ad Hoc Shelter Committee Membership
Craig Saddlemire, Co-Chair
Amy Smith, Co-Chair
Mayor Carl L. Sheline
Councilor Scott Harriman
Dave St. Pierre
Dave Hediger
Melissa Hue
Klara Tammany
Kirsten Walter
Elise Johansen
Erin Reed
Chris Bicknell
Rilwan Osman
Fowsia Musse
Elizabeth Keene
Keith Tannenbaum

Dave Bilodeau

Reference Documents

Agendas and Minutes for the Shelter Committee

Order:  Mayoral Ad hoc on Shelter Committee

Homelessness 10-Year Plan - May 8, 2009

Homeless Needs Assessment for Lewiston Auburn Alliance for Services to the Homeless - LAASH - 2008

Homeless Prevention Plan - Statewide Homeless Council - 2006