COVID19 - 6-Feet Apart and Social Distancing

SPECIAL NOTE FOR RESTAURANTS - Operations Checklist (5/27/20) 

  • Per the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development, the total number of people at any one time should be no more than 50 people per room and each party must be 6 feet apart from other parties. This also applies to outdoor seating areas UNLESS the restaurant has two (2) distinctly separate outdoor eating areas; for example, one in the back of a building and one in the front.  There also needs to be a back-up plan for outdoor seating that adheres to physical distance requirements in case of inclement weather.
  • Per Lewiston Code of Ordinances, any business holding a valid city food service establishment business license issued by the City of Lewiston is permitted to place tables, chairs, and benches on or above any city sidewalk or public way (not used for vehicular traffic) and must comply with specific conditions found in section in Section 66-36.

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